Condition assessment of works of art
which would serve as the basis for creating the conservation proposal for treatment. This would be achieved by undertaking detailed examination of the artefacts that would be adequately supported and supplemented by photographic documentation. This assessment would be translated into written condition reports giving comprehensive information about the current status of the artefact and the possible course of action that the conservation treatment might follow.

Prioritization and execution of either one or both passive (preventive) and curative (interventive) conservation treatment programs according to the needs of artefact. Passive treatments would focus on the materials that are used in close proximity to the artefact and the micro-environment in which the artefact is present that greatly determines the condition of the artefact without actually treating the artefact itself. Curative conservation deals directly with treatment of the artefact so that the damages/weaknesses in the artefact are rectified, the object is stabilized which in turn assists in increasing the longevity of the artefact.

Sensitization about the field of Art Conservation, the need to preserve and the possibilities involved in this area of work by giving talks and lectures.